L'Oreal salon hair dye contains ingredients that are safe for the skin and the environment.

Salon Hair Dye

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Whether you want to create a trendy new look for your own salon or are just looking to buy salon hair dye for your own home, there are many products available that will match your individual style. These include IGK, L’Oreal, and Prisma Master Tint Bowl Set. In addition to their salon-grade formulations, beauty suppliers are mobile and will visit your salon on a monthly basis to collect inventory. These wholesale distributors also have products that you can’t find at beauty supply stores. 


IGK salon hair dye is available in an affordable at-home kit that contains all the essential ingredients for professional salon-quality results. The brand offers a selection of 25 signature shades including French Rose, Pampas Blonde, Hot Chestnut, and Latte. Its hair color kits can be purchased from Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and Amazon. So, when you want to purchase salon hair dye, you’ll have access to products that you cannot find in Wal-Mart.

The line also includes a selection of hair-care products. IGK also operates three salons in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. The set also includes matching colour master brushes. It also develops products and services to showcase hairdressers’ expertise and creativity.

The IGK salon hair dye line was developed by four international master colorists, who saw the need for at-home dyeing. The company supports over 800 fashion shows around the world and works to improve the working conditions of hairdressers. For salon furniture click here .

They found that when salons closed in early 2020, many of their clients started asking for at-home dye kits. Colorsonic uses recyclable dye cartridges to mix dye and developer, then disperses the dye evenly into the hair. 

They realized that color is the reason most people visit salons and that sixty percent of their staff members were focused on hair color. L’Oreal is a global leader in professional hairdressing and is committed to elevating the industry through research and innovation. 

IGK’s at-home hair dye kit is aimed at those who already do their own hair, and who want to save time and money while getting a beautiful color. This revolutionary formula stretches across eight tonal families, including the ultra-cool blue-green Ash family.  What is the role of Reception desk.

Each bowl is ergonomically designed for easy handling and has a rubberized base to prevent them from sliding on your work surfaces or trolleys. It features a unique, industry-first formula, which binds color to the hair. It also contains a formula that replenishes the lipids in your hair, which makes it stronger and healthier.

L'Oreal Salon

L’Oreal salon hair dye contains ingredients that are safe for the skin and the environment. The hair colorist at your L’Oreal salon will be able to customize your hair color for your unique look. The process of applying hair dye hasn’t changed much since L’Oreal’s founder developed the first chemical-based hair dye.

A new diagnostic tool called Coloright scans hair for advanced elements that are used to create a custom color “recipe.” Using a connected iPad, Coloright allows users to “try on” colors virtually before they’re applied. Coloright also can be paired with a second device to create more detailed color recipes. The system is expected to be available in hair salons in 2023.

Prisma Master

The Prisma Master Tint Bowl Set for Salon Hair Dye is a complete set of 6 tint bowls. The large capacity bowls hold 350ml of dye and are ideal for professionals looking to achieve multi-toned colours.